We LOVE Hearing from You...!

Jamie K.

"I love My Sassy Bags. I have two, the Diamond Drop is so versatile and can be dressy or fun, and the playful Floral Bouquet is so great for summer. I bought them for a concert but have found their light-weight is great for so much more!"

Kathy J.

"Love this bag! Why? Because it's so cool. You can use it as a clear bag when needed at event security, and then put its cover back on easily afterwards. Also, you can purchase extra covers and pair them with all sorts of outfits!"

Amy M.

"I love My Sassy Bag! So great for concerts and sporting events. I bought one clear bag with two covers so I can switch them out for different looks. I was super happy with the quality and I love the stylish detailing!!!"

Narry S.

"Love My Sassy Bag! Got it for my teenage daughter, and she really likes the fact that she can put the cover on the bag and keep the contents private. The bag is really well made, and the perfect size, and I love the fact that we can switch the cover for different looks."

Krista R.

"Getting through security at events can be a pain! Not anymore! I found the perfect solution when I bought a My Sassy Bag. The removable cover got me through security fast, while being compliant!"

Sara C.

"Love my bag. I used mine recently for a concert and it was very convenient. It’s also wonderful for travel. And you can change the look by simply switching the cover. All around great accessory to own."

Elizabeth D.

"This is the best idea! It's not often I can find a bag that is as functional as it is cute. I love all the fabric options and that my things can be finally private!  Love, love, love!"