Breeze Through the Gate with a Smile on Your Face and Not a Second to Waste!

"I am super excited to be "clear" every day with confidence. My Sassy Bag is the complete package for quality, fashion, and accessibility!" - Lindsay K.

  • Event-Ready Every Time!

    You Deserve Privacy and Safety When Attending Your Favorite Events!

    *Inquire about Sassy Fan Sport Team Bags

    Clear When You Need to Be, Covered When You Don't!


    - Concert Venues

    - Bars & Restaurants

    - Sporting Events

    - Musicals & Theatre

    - School Events

  • Travel with My Sassy Bag - Pack Your Suitcase with Extra Covers!

    Travel Smart & Stylish!

    - Avoid Taking Multiple Handbags

    - Sassy Swap for Every Outfit You Pack!

    - Takes Up Very Little Space in the Suitcase!

    - Convenient & Lightweight Crossbody Design

    - Deters Pick Pocketers, Close to Your Body!

    - Essentials at Your Fingertips!

  • On the Daily...

    SASSY SWAP in Seconds...!

    We have a Style to Match Every Outfit in Your Wardrobe!

    Lightweight, Crossbody that Keeps Essentials at Your Fingertips!


    Have a Special Sassy Style?

    We LOVE to Customize Styles for Our Sassy Friends and Fans!

My Sassy Bag's First Year in Review!

"I absolutely LOVE having a bag that is clearly stylish! It’s not reasonable to go to events without taking a few necessities along. But in this new era - we don’t have a choice. It’s - no bag - or a clear bag that lacks pizazz. My Sassy Bag checks all the boxes!" - Andrea H.