About My Sassy Bag


Nice to meet you, my name is Christina. As we are all aware, going to public events these days, has changed in recent years...upon entry, a clear bag is now the norm. Understood. However, this does not mean we can't be a bit Sassy, and expressive of our own Style while maintaining our Privacy and Safety...!



Christina Weinmann, Owner


The Idea of My Sassy Bag

My husband and I, were eagerly anticipating the excitement of a concert, at the same time we were noticing people filing in with unappealing, clear bags that exposed their personal items, i.e. identification, credit cards, cash, feminine products, and even medical devices!

We felt that the enforced venue policies we were having to abide by, were unfair and compromised one’s dignity, safety, privacy, and style. This was disturbing and caused us to think about a solution: a "temporary" cover that would enable us to comply with security checkpoints while maintaining our personal privacy and our own style.

So I quickly seized the opportunity to learn sewing along with the operation of a serger machine from my enthusiastic mother. I found that I truly enjoyed learning about different fabrics and the necessary notions to create the most functional, clear crossbody bag and covers.

Standing Sassy with a Golden Leopard/My Sassy Bag crossbody


 We have also come to find that My Sassy Bag provides added beneifits to our wardrobe on the daily as well as for an essential travel accessorty! No need to pack so many handbags into that carry-on suitcase!